++++Thursday – 15February2007 ++++


Event: Symposium to Promote Peace and Conflict Studies at Oberlin College

Category Meetings/Gatherings

Date:  Thursday, February 15, 2007, 8PM

Location: Hallock Auditorium, Lewis Environmental Studies Center

Cost: Free

Sponsor: Peace and Conflict Studies Development Group

Additional Sponsors:  Politics and Psychology Departments


Summary:  Colman McCarthy will give the opening talk of a three-day symposium titled, “To Reach Peace, Teach Peace”.


A student, faculty and community group is sponsoring a three-day symposium to promote a concentration in Peace And Conflict Studies at Oberlin College.  The opening talk, “To Reach Peace, Teach Peace”, will be given by noted peace educator, Colman McCarthy.  McCarthy has been speaking about social justice for 25 years.  He has taught at inner center and suburban high schools, juvenile prisons, Georgetown University Law Center, the University of Maryland and American University. He has described his experiences in his best selling book, “I’d Rather Teach Peace”.  As well as the author of six other books, he speaks at many colleges and universities, as well as for conferences and groups.  McCarthy wrote for the Washington Post for 30 years while also founding the Center for Teaching Peace in Washington D.C. In addition, he is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Maryland. 


Followers of his writing cherish Colman McCarthy’s work for the passion of his convictions and his idealism.  He convincingly and passionately calls on students to defy the status quo and become more involved in the lives of others.  McCarthy believes each of us can be a peacemaker in our own personal and political lives.  Harry Sayen of the Trenton Times says, “Colman McCarthy is that rarity: a thinker who follows through with action.  His efforts have had a magnificent response…He’ll make you think about and believe in the alternatives to violence.  Colman McCarthy has affected audiences because he is not just another theorist.  He has become a peacemaker who puts his ideas into practice by teaching and speaking."